I want to be a Novelist

I want to be a Novelist

by Sukiyaki

I would you like to be a novelist. I like this job for three reasons. First, I like reed novels. A lot of interesting works exist. Second, I like to think about original stories. Third, I will write be able to I thought stories of.

I think to do this job the uses skills are make to story and characters, people watching and patience. Making story and characters are needed to show an upsurge in a work.
The people watching are necessary to arrange better characters.

Patience is necessary and works take time.
I enjoy working in my house in my room alone. Because I want to concentrate on work without being disturbed to any one.

I want many people to read my work. To that end, I must write a good work.

However, it is a very difficult thing. Therefore, I think that it is the best reward that many people are satisfied with my work. Because I am glad that a fixed fan arrives for a writer. It is to write the thing which oneself wants to write to be a important. In that way I think that it is very splendid if I can impress a person.

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