My ideal job

by Syuhei Nakada

My ideal job

My ideal job is be a「librarian」.Because I like books. And library has many books. Novel. Magazine. Picture book. Comics. Regardless of a kind. library has many books.
Second. Various people come to the library. Children. Adult. And old people. As for the man as for the woman. I like talking care of a small children. When a younger sister was young. I took care well. I became good at taking care of the infant from the experience. I have the grand parents too. I am good at the communication with the old people too. Therefore I do my best in the library and work.
Third. I am physical weak. I am weak in the exercise. Too. I cannot use the body for a long time. Therefore. I am very thankful for the work of the librarian who does not that I use the body very much. Of course. I will employ some bodies. However. I will not use it than the outdoor work. Therefore. I want to become a librarian. When I was young in old days. In a school. I have been taken care of by the teacher of the then librarian. I have the teacher read book. I have the teacher teach me the interesting book. I want to do such a thing too. I want to tell the fun of the book. To other people. I want various people to come to like a book. Therefore. I want to become a good librarian.

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