The Ideal job for me

  The Ideal job for me

by Hiroyuki Kitakura

My ideal job is to be a teacher. I like teaching something to people.this job is
Ideal for me because I like to work at school. It is important for me to work
With fun people,and everyone. There are many reasons why I like this job.
First,I like kids. Kids are very pure,but they are growing.So I think that
The kids doesn’t here order. I also enjoy helping kids. Kid’s parents are
Happy when their kids are well. I think I have the skills to be a teacher.
My skills are being able to teach something,and educating kids. I like
meeting kids,but I prefer to work alone.
Teacher’s important point is loving kids. Teacher’s bad point is being too
busy. Teachers are very busy. For example,making tests,making prints,and
answer questions. Teachers give homework to students. It is not easy.
To be commensurate with student’s homework is difficult. In addition,The
teacher must clearly explain to the students. There are a variety of
hardships to become a teacher. I still want to be a teacher. There should
be a lot of fun.
Become a teacher was the dream from childhood. So I wanted to be a
teacher and I work hard.

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