The Ideal my job for me

The Ideal Job for me

by Peanut

My ideal job is to be a dessert shop clerk. I work part-time in a crepe and gelato restaurant. I like this shop and my part time job.

There are many reasons why I like this job. First of all in this shop is my very good friend. We are gentle with each other and have fun. She is interesting and very cute. It is especially. Important to be cooperative. The other day, I went to a meal everyone and birthday at celebration.
Second I like food. My favorite food is ice cream. I eat ice cream every day.

Finally I like making sweets. I bake cookies and make cakes and make apple pies. They are delicious.
I enjoy make crep. I usually press cream out of whipped cream and custard cream. Then I enjoy filling a cup and cone with ice cream one cup and cone with ice cream is difficult. but I glad fill a cup and cone with ice cream. It takes skill.

For all these reasons We are gentle and good friends and work in a good environment and it works in comfort. It became natural and a smiling face work. My work is pleasant work. Then it crepe and ice cream is delicious provide. Such a desert shop is my ideal job.

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