My Ideal Job

My ideal job

by Yoshiki Kyushu

I think my ideal job is to be a baker. I want to be a baker in my future. I began to think it since I was 12 years old. Then, I just began to make bread. The restaurant offered me flesh bread and delicious dinner. I felt deep emotion/ I thought I want to try making bread like that restaurant’s. As well, I was wondering about how to delight people by my bread. So, I think my ideal job is a baker.

Bakers get up very early morning and start to set up bread cloth to sell. It’s the hardest part of the baker’s job. I think it. Bakers should think about a lot of things for making bread. For example, the weather, the temperature and the humidity. It’s important for making bread. These things change everyday. So, bakers exercise his brain everyday because of these things. Making ideal bread is so hard. But bakers must make a big effort for customers. A baker’s reword is a customers’s satisfaction. I surely think that. If customers say “Thank you, I love it. This bread is so nice, I’m happy.” When they ate it, and a baker’s effort will have paid off. It has some meaning for bakers. Bakers get regular customers and are able to sell bread constantly. It’s meaning is bakers get money. So, bakes will feel better. On the other hand, Bakers will be motivated again to make bread. I think these rewords are wonderful and bright. Certainly, people might not pay off. But, if I love my own job, I would be able to bear it.

It’s important to think of your ideal job that is “do you like that job?” or “do you want to enter that job?” These two things are necessary for finding the ideal job. Rewards are not only money. No shape things will be a precious reward to you. I like making bread and delighting people. I’ll be happy when I can see people eating bread which is made by me. So, I think my ideal job is a baker.

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