My older siblings job

by Yoshinori Kitagawa

My older brother has a voice artist job. Voice artist is the voice actor of the dubbing of anime and foreign drama. Voice artist was his dream come true.
My brother had been acting at all times in order to become a vocie artist. For example, my brother joined drama club in order to increase the power of the voice acting. Such as entering the Ouendan to increase the volume of your voice.
Become a senior college, he started going to school ob voice artist and dropped out of college.My brother was there for three years to study voice artist. He started working at the same time as a cast at Disneyland. My brother said it was a very valuable experience.My brother once fell to audition for a voice artist. But he auditioned again to not give up. And he passed brilliantly. My brother became a professional voice artidt. My brother is a dream came true. Now, my brother has been acting a supporting role in the voice of Japanese animation. My old brother is my favorite person.
My old sister is a profession of CG creators. My sister is the work of the work to participate in the creation of the game. It was her dream. My sister does not have to act for the profession but as my brother.
She decided to a specific profession since she was three years since high school.Not just because my old sister is not decisive. With the goal of CG artist, she entered the school in CG refused the recommendation of her to college.She while learning about CG technology in schools, and she started the company that requires a byte of its technology.Way, she created an environment in order to make technology more practical that she remembered technology.Period that can be enrolled in vocational school is two years, my old sister was preparing the environment for them from the first year.And she got to promise to hire as a regular employee of the company after graduating from the destination byte.My old sister is now working as a chief of the creators of the company team.
My sister was wearing my current profession is not only for the decision and ability to execute.My sister like to draw pictures. And she also like the game.Sister’s work is to make the CG for making the game.In other words, my sister is she favorite thing to work.
Favorite thing to work,it is very nice, it is very difficult. My sister has done it, is a person who I respect.

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