My Friend’s Right Job

by Aika Kitakura

My Friend’s right job

I think my friend just finished college. Her work is as a nurse so now she goes to the school of nursing. So she has experience of being a nurse. For example she understands psychology, a doctor’s job, experiments and practice.

Why did she go into nursing school? One reason is, her mother is a nurse. Maybe her mother who is a nurse is a target. I think having a goal is important and I envy her.

Nurses tell us important things and make a lot of money. But they experience so many sad things. For example people die, crying survivors, violent children and other things.

When I was a junior high school student, we were friends with her, She had a brain and was solid. So a nurse’s job is right for her. I would also like to have a target like her. I am studying psychology and sociology now. For example growth of human, human’s psychology, Relation between society and a human being, and future society. And I like relation of people and children. So I would like to do work in connection with people. For example a care of a child with illness, elementary school, and the children who held pain. I would like to work using psychology.

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