Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Remote Area

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a remote area

by YUKI Konda

(Pictured, a lantern in Nagasaki)

I think living in a remote area is many disadvantage. I grew up in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Sapporo is one of the biggest and the most developing cities in Japan, but Hokkaido is one of the most remote prefectures in Japan, too. I want to tell you three points what I thought at there.

First, the remote area is very late. For example, the date that books start to sell is always two or three days later than the center area. So, I always pay attention to information of new books. If I forgot it, I was spoiled my anticipation mind for the books by Internet, TV, word of mouth, and so on. However, there is not the reverse example. If there are books that are sold only in Hokkaido, we can get it by Internet wherever we live.

Second, the remote area is fewer events than the center area. For example, concerts that named “the national tour” may not come here. It usually goes to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. It goes to Sendai even if it comes to the north. It doesn’t come to Hokkaido. So, the popular singers in Hokkaido are the local singers or the singers who take place their concert in Hokkaido. The fashion in Hokkaido is different from that in the center area.

Third, the politics don’t see the remote area. For example, there is the subsidy for placing light of the sun panels. They say that “you can regain capital if you place it for ten years.” They say that because of hours of sun light at center area, but hours of sun light at Hokkaido is shorter than that at the center area. So we can’t regain capital in only ten years. However, the politics doesn’t consider that. The thing that similar to that happens in Tohoku. There is the big earthquake at Tohoku in 2011. Now, two years passed, there doesn’t revival yet. It is said that the fund and resources are enough. They control of that at the center area, so they can’t understand what is really appealed. The voice of the remote area is hard to be taken by the politics.

Of course, remote area has not only disadvantages but also advantages. For example, Hokkaido has many things that the center area doesn’t have or lost. Especially, culture and nature is often said. Three disadvantage points that I told should be able to be reformed if we pay a little attention. I want to be reformed them early.

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