Odawara in Forbes

Odawara in Forbes!?!? Forbes Magazine in Japan features great articles on local innovation and startups in Japan. It is one of my favorite reads. So happy and proud to have a bit of the dedication and hard work of the people and companies in town featured this month. It has been wonderful to watch the work of a few people and organizations help so many. Respect to the local Chamber of Commerce, Hamee, and Kyu Sanpuku for their hard work and dedication to town revitalization and business support.
今月小田原がフォーブスに出ました!小田原で小田原の為に小田原の人が頑張ってます。旧三福、小田原箱根商工会議所、Hameeとかが小田原の誇りと思ってます。フォーブス ジャパンは、日本一美しい経済誌をテーマに、世界各国版の記事をキュレーションし、

Jeff Garrish


Pictured: Odawara Beach

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